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Functional Cancer Genomics

Group Leader: Theurillat Jean-Philippe, MD

Cancer is driven by cardinal genetic alterations that activate driver genes. Driver mutations are not only essential to initiate tumorigenesis, but are also required for tumor growth and maintenance. This raises the possibility to target these mutations, opening more specific, therapeutic opportunities to treat cancer patients.

Our research group focuses on new drivers of prostate cancer with emphasis on advanced, castration-resistant disease. We aim to explore the roles of these genes in tumorigenesis with the ultimate goal to develop new therapeutic avenues for patients suffering from prostate cancer.

In addition, our group develops new strategies to empirically tailor cancer therapy in the clinic. Patient-derived tumor cells will be used to test drug responses prior treating the patient. This approach may guide decision-making in the clinic in an individualized manner.


Bolis Marco, Senior Investigator
Bossi Daniela, PostDoc
Bressan Silvia, PhD Student
Ceserani Valentina, Lab Technician
Costanzo Federico, Research Associate
Formaggio Nicolò, PhD Student
Lorenzi Claudio, Bioinformatician
Theurillat Jean-Philippe, Group leader
Uebelhart Yanick, Visiting Student (Master)
Vallerga Arianna, PhD Student

Current projects

  • Molecular characterization of prostate cancer progression pathways
  • Functional characterization of new prostate cancer drivers implicated in chromatin remodeling and disease progression
  • Engineering of small molecules against prostate cancer targets
  • Generation and engineering of patient-derived prostate cancer models

Relevant Publications

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